Did you, at some point, date Matthew Mcconaughey? No? Did you see this wretched movie he was in? Oh, heavens, don’t. I’ve seen it 4 times. I make awful choices, though. I’ll just watch anything with Michael Douglas in it. But! Instead of seeing it, tune into TheGloss every five minutes next week, because it’s “Ghosts of Boyfriends Past” week. We’ll be talking to men about their past relationships, discussing what makes a good boyfriend as well as what makes a good ex, and have people weigh in on how to handle your love life.

And we want to hear from you. Do you have a story to share about an ex? Sure you do! Is it good? Bad? Is everyone dead? You should share it! In 600-800 words (which is about a page and a half of single spaced text). You should write Ashley or myself at Ashley [at] thegloss.com or Jennifer [at] thegloss.com.

Fly little ghosts! Fly!