Nicki Minaj Meek MillNicki Minaj is engaged. She took to Twitter to tease about a possible engagement by posting a ring emoji last night. Later she posted a photo of her actual ring on Instagram and confirmed that she was actually engaged to Meek Mill. The diamond ring emoji has nothing on Nicki’s ring. It is an actual rock. The ring is so huge that you could build some serious arm muscles just moving your hand up and down.

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Nicki loves color in everything from her hair to her music videos, so it makes sense that she has a colored diamond engagement ring. According to E! News, Morgan Shara of MASbisjoux jewelry believes that the ring is a “15-carat yellow fancy heart modified brilliant cut diamond” and it is surrounded by white pavé diamonds.” Check out the stunner:

Nicki Minaj Engagement Ring

This is like Titanic‘s massive Heart Of The Ocean necklace in ring form. If it were any bigger, she probably wouldn’t be able to bend her finger. It’s some serious bling but very pretty. It brings out the gemstone details in Nicki’s manicure.

Nicki’s ring is also very trendy. Engagement rings with different colored stones have been gaining in popularity. Plus, Lady Gaga also opted for a heart-shaped engagement ring when she got engaged in February. I wonder what the wedding band will be like? She may have to wear it another finger, which could actually be the start of a cool new trend. Congrats to Nicki and Meek.

(Photos: Instagram/NickiMinaj)