Before I proceed with the following story, I should note that both The Gloss and myself are very pro-sex worker. I personally go to strip clubs on a weekly basis — it is incredibly normal here in Portland to get drunk at an adult club then go out, or vice versa — so hopefully the following story does not make any of you believe otherwise about that stance. That said, I am generally under the impression that one should not hire strippers for his or her son’s birthday party when that kid is not of legal age, nor are the other attendees.

A mother in upstate New York has been accused of hiring two women from a local strip club to perform at her son’s sweet sixteen party. While many guests were other parents, there were kids present who were under 17, while some were as young as 13.

I saw this story first while watching the news in the airport I am presently sitting at. The news anchors kept giggling about the story, remarking on how popular the kid undoubtedly was now and how his peers must have “lift him onto their shoulders.” Honestly, this is probably what his mother thought would happen, thus making it appealing for her in that same way parents in Lifetime movies poison the popular girl at school to get their daughter on the cheerleading squad. It’s just an unhealthy way of helping your kid get ahead, not to mention totally illegal and inappropriate. 13-year-olds are barely out of elementary school; it’s completely ridiculous to act like this is just a “ha ha” cutesy misjudgment.

Plus, though I acknowledge that a great deal of teen behaviors are learned not from parents, but from peers, it’s not exactly a great idea to supply a bunch of high school sophomores with sexual interactions unbeknownst to their parents who likely would have preferred to be making such choices on their own.

While all of these are obvious reasons that this is not an all right thing to do, there’s also that very blatant “ew” factor. While I get that some parents are super close to their children and can talk about everything, is it somehow not creepy to be in the same room as your underage kid while a woman of legal age fondles him?

I certainly support the existence of healthy, consensual sex work, but I absolutely don’t think it’s appropriate to be down with minors being involved. If the birthday child were a girl, I doubt people would cheer quite as hard for this act.

Photo: djnavv / Flickr