This morning hearts across the occult musical scene (is that a thing?) broke as news came out that Marilyn Manson was engaged. The lucky lady? Actress and “independent occult filmmaker” Seraphin Ward.

Manson, nee Brian Warner, has been previously been married once (to Dita Von Teese) and engaged two other times – to Rose McGowan and Evan Rachel Wood. Now would seem an appropriate time to get engaged again – especially since he has a new album coming out next month.

Unfortunately, the rumors are not true and a Manson rep put an end to the story, telling the world: “Marilyn Manson is not engaged to Seraphim Ward… He has never met her.”

Oh well. It was a lovely engagement while it lasted. And there are some lingering effects. Namely, Seraphim got more visibility in the last few hours than any of her films have garnered to date. And she fueled the fires of the confusion like a true publicity pro.

First, she let her manager handle the publicity questions. Then she let him issue the vaguest of explanations. Jonathan Shelton told E! News:

“Seraphim has recently made a life commitment to her partner and couldn’t be happier!”

Shelton has subsequently issued a denial, stating “Seraphim is not engaged to Marilyn, she is happily engaged to Pogo, who created Marilyn Manson.”
Not only did she get her picture in front of the entirety of people who read news like this today, but Seraphin has succeeded in getting engaged to Pogo, a man named after an oft forgotten exercise tool who has actually created another person.
Cheers to the happy couple. And may they have much luck conceiving other little ones in their (hopefully long) marriage.

Image: Getty