What do you do when you break up with someone? Maybe you blog it, maybe you drink heavily, maybe you cry yourself to sleep every night. Maybe you do all three things and also a whole bunch of other shit.

But eventually, the inevitable question arises: how much public shaming of your ex are you allowed to do? Under what circumstances do you tell your friends and relatives and, indeed, a world of strangers about what a douchebag/cheater/flaccid/baby he was?

Well, fortunately we have none other than Camille Grammer to answer that question for us. On a recent appearance on the Joy Behar show, Camille tells viewers that the couple didn’t have sex for over two years, and it was in no small part because Kelsey was a dud in the sack:

“We didn’t mesh sexually, we weren’t intimate. It could have been both [our faults] but it was more on his end.”

Now, using what we know about Camille’s break-up, it would appear that the following are circumstances under which you should feel empowered to shame to your heart’s content:

  1. He encouraged you to stay on the west coast while he went to the east coast…very possibly to carry on an affair.
  2. He asked you to go to the Tony’s with him for show. (This is also applicable to other awards shows).
  3. He very publicly cheated on you and humiliated you.
  4. He brought his mistress to your apartment in New York, and because he did that, you were not allowed to go into the apartment because the doorman didn’t believe you when you said that you were your husband’s wife.