Like, would this be too much? It’s a picture on a legitimate dating site.

Specifically, from the Millionaire Matchmaking site Femme De Maison. To be perfectly honest, when I first saw their gallery I thought “maybe this is prostitution, because that is something for which pretty ladies pose while wearing thigh highs” (I am pretty sure this is not a stereotype so much as a real thing that I am accurately referencing, based on extensive research in the form of reading Tracy Quan novels). But it seems like it’s for relationship minded people. The site explains:

We want to showcase all of our lovely ladies in the most flattering way possible, because they deserve it! They are tastefully portrayed in a sexy, flirtatious way, yet always highlight their amazingly beautiful and feminine features in a discreet manner. We attract women who want to revel in the sheer beauty of their femininity, and be able to respectfully showcase themselves for prospective male partners. Our millionaires love this about Femme de Maison. They know that not only will their date be beautiful on the inside, but she will absolutely be beautiful on the outside as well. We feel that nudity in a tasteful form is nothing vulgar, or shameful. One simply has to observe the stunning classical sculpture and artwork from all of history to fully appreciate this. So why a gorgeous woman should ever cover up and hide such beauty is unfathomable to us!

But they are naked. In their dating profile pictures.

I realize that perhaps makes it seem like I didn’t read that explanation closely. And obviously, being naked is fun! But I guess I thought you were supposed to wear a cute tank top to reel in suitors when online dating? Maybe a pair of skinny jeans? And clutch a puppy! That’s what you do. You reel them in with the puppy and your “laid back” attitude, and then eventually reveal that you only wear saucy lingerie! That’s what I’d do.

But I do wonder if I’m being a little outdated about this. Obviously, it probably depends on the people you’re trying to attract and the sort of relationship you’re looking for. Maybe, as more and more people use online dating – or, in this case, matchmaking groups – you have to do something more eye catching? I’m going to leave this up to you:

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