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Have you tried online dating? I know. This survey already told me.

The Pew Internet & American Life Project, a self-described “fact tank” that “provides information on the issues, attitudes, and trends shaping America and the world,” has published a new study showing 38% of single American adults who are looking for a partner have used online dating sites.

The study also finds that 65% of people who have tried one of these sites have gone out IRL with someone they met there, and that an astounding 23% of online daters have married or committed long-term to people they met online.

But don’t go thinking everyone’s okay with OKCupid. Despite huge success rate, the survey finds that only 59% of internet users agree with the statement that “online dating is a good way to meet people.” What’s scaring off the remaining 41%? Is the Lifetime Original Movie The Craigslist Killer still weighing on people’s minds? And The Wife He Met Online? And The Boy She Met Online? And TalhotBlond? Never mind. I’ve just done my own study and concluded that any remaining stigma is Lifetime’s fault.

The Pew Internet website states,

“In general, online daters themselves give the experience high marks. Some 79% of online daters agree that online dating is a good way to meet people, and 70% of them agree that it helps people find a better romantic match because they have access to a wide range of potential partners.”

I guess the unsatisfied former online daters had a similar experience to mine, wherein they kept a profile up for a week, received 14 messages asking “you horny?” and convinced themselves that each and every person without a display photo was a Craigslist Killer in training.

Either way, the romantic climate is obviously changing. Good luck to the now-married online daters! And, of course, good luck to those brave souls still out there in the eHarmony trenches.

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