I just got an email regarding the result of the Modis Geek Pride Survey 2013 (a survey of 1000 Americans) and I was shocked!

They claim that:

 Sixty-eight percent (68 percent) of all respondents say they would date a geek! This could be because a majority (67 percent) of Americans associates geeks with being loyal, an important component to any relationship.

And I shook my head and thought “how is it only 68%?” Moreover, are there people who do not think they’re a bit geeky? We all watch movies based on comic boks (Iron Man III) and science fiction TV shows (Star Trek: Into Darkness). We stand in line for hours and hours waiting for updates to our phones so we can watch more science fiction based movies on them. The Big Bang theory, a celebration of geekiness, is one of the most popular shows on prime time television. And Zooey Deschanel is still running around being “adorkable.” Grown people will be reduced to tears if the internet in their house goes out for one day. I remember during Hurricane Sandy when the Internet was out for a full three or four days grown people wondering aloud in coffeeshops, “How that was even possible?”

I just assumed that we all knew that we were geeks now. I thought geekiness was so mainstream that, if anything, there was going to be a revenge of the jocks staged in the near future.

Guess I thought wrong.

To be fair, I do mostly hang out with people from TheGloss.

Still, who are the 32% of people who scoff at the idea of dating a geek? What are they scoffing about? It’s cool to be geeky. And more importantly, how was that survey conducted? Was it all done via landline?

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