Mopeds are fun recreational vehicles that serve as an alternative to, say, riding a scooter for transportation. However, while they’re a lot of fun, they might look a bit silly if you ride around in public for everyone to see. And, according to society, that’s me. A moped. Due to my figure I’ve been dubbed great to ride, but you don’t want your buddies to see me. And that’s not okay with me.

I was born with type 1 diabetes and have subsequently been a steady 200 pounds my entire life. Do I have some body issues? Of course. Everyone does. I’d be lying to tell you I’m not a little self conscious about my ass dimples or breasts that gently sag. But hey, it is the way it is. At the end of the day I really do love me in all my rounded glory. So why exactly are men not encouraged to?

Please tell me, TV – why am I, a gorgeous size 18, not portrayed as dating or even marrying a handsome white man? Why are women my size pigeon holed into dating fellow larger men or black men? I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with either of those options, but god damn it I have fucked some gorgeous well built males and they have not been ashamed or intoxicated while fucking me. I haven’t had to scatter out of their apartments the morning after. I am not a moped. I am a motorcycle. I’m fun to ride- and, fuck- cool as hell for your buddies to see! So why does TV tell me and treat my sized women differently?

I’m talking to you, The Bachelorette. Do you guys really think all the attractive single women are a size 4? I call bullshit! Fuck, put me on that show! I promise I don’t scare men off. Don’t give fat folks and portly pals their own show (I’m eyeing you More to Love ) because- NEWSFLASH- we’re allowed to date outside our own kind! I know! Shocker!

And seriously, Mike and Molly? Molly doesn’t have to be with Mike, for God’s sakes put that big-assed beauty with a hunk! Fuck it, put Mike with a hottie too. I promise you people won’t flip a shit. I mean look at Glee, the lovely bigger gal has got the hottest guy on the show wrapped around her finger. Unless they dropped that plotline… can’t really say I follow glee.

Don’t think I forgot the “black-men-love-big-women” stereotype. Let me start off first by saying that I see nothing wrong with white women dating black men. But I don’t think it’s fair for a heavier white woman to feel like those are all her options, because that’s simply false.

I can’t tell you how many self conscious chubby 16 year old girls I’ve met who insist that they “only date black guys.” And, hell, if that really is your personal taste, I can only say, “go for it.” But that isn’t why those girls say it. Those girls say it to reject attractive white men before those men reject them. That’s heartbreaking and not to mention racist. Yeah, it’s actually pretty damn racist to assume every black man will date a size 18. Point being? This is such a terrible stereotype that television and the media needs to retire.

Hot men are capable of loving them some big booties, boobies, and bodies. Have you ever seen Pierce Brosnan’s wife? She’s no tooth-pick. So please, everyone, stop cradling the idea that the big girl will always be in the background dating the black guy or chubby guy or no one. Because we can date whoever the hell we want. And we will not be their mopeds.