Padma Lakshmi sex life

Who doesn’t lie awake thinking “Salman Rushdie. A person that exists. A person who Padma Lakshmi slept with.” I mean, not Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, that’s for sure.

At this point, I guess Padma is famous for also sleeping with people who are not Salman Rushdie. Namely Adam Dell, brother of Michael Dell, of Dell computers. They’re curently going through a bitter custody battle. Dell claims that “to minimize, if not eliminate his role in Krishna’s life and to install” her late billionaire lover Teddy Forstmann as the child’s father.

She has a late billionaire lover (the head of IMG) who just died of brain cancer at 71. He was linked to Princess Diana before her death. Apparently, she encouraged her child to call him “Papa.”

Basically, following Padma’s sex life makes me feel like I a watching some kind of 16th century courtesan in action.

Question: would it be fun to be Padma Lakshmi? Answer: yes. But it seems stressful, right? Right. Not as stressful as being Salman Rushdie though, because, Devorah Rose.