The best love songs of 2010: do you agree with this list? – YourTango

Are you and your partner “in sync” when it comes to gifting? If you spend wildly different amounts of money it could mean you don’t agree about finances. – The Frisky

According to a study by Brigham Young University, the secret to a happy marriage is not having sex before you’re married. BYU is a Mormon university, but I’m sure that had nothing to do with their findings. – Daily Mail

Been burned by a bad boy? Now you can run background checks on potential partners. – Glamour

OB tampons are being taken off of shelves and will not return until sometime next year. In other news, certain Gloss staffers have taken to hoarding. – Consumerist

Sexy spy Anna Chapman is going to be in Playboy. But not because she posed – because her ex-boyfriend sold them photos he had of her. Sounds like they were a really classy couple. – Betty Confidential