Los Angeles lawmakers are trying to pass an ordinance that would require all porn actors to use condoms on set. – New York Times

More men than women believe in love at first sight. That must be because they didn’t poll any women who have ever looked at a picture of Tom Hardy. – MyDaily

This is an article about men making sure that women have orgasms. We’d suggest printing it out and “accidentally” leaving in your boyfriend’s briefcase. – AOL Health

One of you wants sex all the time, the other one could care less. There’s not an app for that, but there is a video. – YourTango

Prince Harry and his ex-girlfriend, Chelsy Davy, are reportedly back on. Or she’s just angling for a front-row seat at the royal wedding. Either way, good call. – Betty Confidential

What’s the best way to choose a Valentine’s Day gift? Passive-agressively. Generic card from CVS, anyone? – Crushable

Sometimes guys are telling you they love you, even when they’re not telling you they love you. Have they invented a Dude-to-Chick edition of the Rosetta Stone yet? – The Frisky