Here’s a fun way to waste some time: play the “is this a sex scene or a crime scene?” game. Difficulty: you have to guess based on the actress’ facial expression. – Ology

A new poll finds that married women would rather talk to their dog than their husband. To be fair, the dog doesn’t talk back. – Lemondrop

If you want to know if he loves you so it’s in his gift. That’s right – what a guy buys you as a Chrismukkah present will tell you whether he’s a keeper. – Forbes

Today’s deep and profound question regarding the meaning of life: how much boob is too much? – The Frisky

Speaking of Christmas gifts, that “give her an engagement ring as her present” thing is so tired. Here’s why. – The Awl

The luckiest couple ever gets to “test” honeymoon locations. How do we get in on that racket? – Urlesque

Is “love addiction” a real thing? Professional celebrity mistress Rachel Uchitel says yes, and I’m sure this has nothing to do with her upcoming appearance on Celebrity Rehab. – Betty Confidential