To call him or not to call him: that is the question. – Betty Confidential

It’s possible that “Mona Lisa” was actually Da Vinci’s boyfriend. Maybe THAT’S what she’s (he’s?) been smiling about for all these years. – Jezebel

Once upon a time there was a Roman named Valentine who was beaten to death with clubs. We now commemorate this event by consuming large amounts of chocolate. – HowAboutWe

The new Spider-Man costume is doing wonders for Andrew Garfield. – Socialite Life

How do guys and girls learn about sex differently? Girls chat with each other. Guys watch porn. But these two methods may not be as mutually exclusive as it might seem. – The College Crush acquires OKCupid. The big question on everyone’s mind: does this mean we’re going to have to pay for our internet hookups now? – YourTango

Anti-abortion extremists try to ensnare Planned Parenthood in a fake sex-trafficking sting. Whether you agree or disagree with abortion, this seems a tad… er… extreme, doesn’t it? Especially given that Planned Parenthood also provides women’s health services to those who may otherwise be unable to get them? – The Frisky