This article from 1912 is going to delight you. Why? Because it’s going to tell you that the perfect woman is 171 pounds and eats beefsteak. Her name is Elsie.

1912 perfect woman

The paper reports that Elsie was “not only a young woman of great strength, but in her physical make-up there is not a single defect.” She was pear shaped, 24, 5’7, and weighed 171 pounds – and I suspect if this were true of, say, a Hollywood starlet today every tabloid would talk about her physical defects, and this makes me sad.

She also loved beefsteak dinners, hated candy, didn’t eat breakfast, and abstained from tea and coffee.

And, perhaps most interesting of all “She has never been ill and doesn’t know what fear is”. She was a robot! No, she was just brave and full of beefsteak. She also said that she thought most women would be better off if they got over their fear of things.

Additionally, she thought that “the women at sage college work too hard on their studies and too late at night.” But she still said that her mother, who studied medicine, was her ideal woman.

Go over here and read all about Elsie, who sounds amazing, and makes me want to go out to a steakhouse right now.