Thanks to commenter DT, we now know that the blue-fairy-stripper bridesmaid dresses are from Missy Quinn’s wedding. Umm, Missy Quinn’s wedding is freaking AMAZING. I think it officially blinded me with a strategic combination of inappropriately exposed flesh and glitter.

To be fair, Missy was 16 when she got married, and if we’d gotten married when we were sixteen we probably would have been all “let’s make it a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle themed wedding! It’ll be awesome!” (I mean, it would be, but growing up teaches you that there are some dreams that cannot be). But then, unlike Missy Quinn, nobody was willing to give us $200,000 for a wedding when we were 16 (if they had, there would have been real turtles with nunchucks. Seriously. It would have been awesome). But fortunately, Missy Quinn, Queen of our hearts, has given us a new wedding goal. And that wedding goal is called “completely insane and hilarious.”[ITPGallery]