Look, I haven’t watched The Bachelorette since Trista and Ryan were on. But my mom tells me that this girl, Ashley Hebert, was jilted by some guy named Bentley and can’t move on with the new candidates until there’s some closure. I did some hardcore investigative journalism here and found this:

Ashley Hebert, enjoyed a one-on-one date in Thailand complete with fire-breathing dancers, and a group date in which several of her suitors literally fought for her attention in a boxing ring, with one even being sent to the hospital.

So. I guess I should begin watching The Bachelorette again, huh, what with all the fire and fighting? Personally I would think when strange men are fighting for you in a ring it would be a good point to say “okay, I can move on now, I don’t really need to have stilted coffee dates with someone who dumped me.” But maybe you do! Do you need closure in your relationships? How much?

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