When watching the VMAs last night, I commented to my boyfriend about how Russell Brand and wife Katy Perry are probably two of the most hate-fuckable people on the planet. I mean, listen to the sounds that emit from them. They are extremely painful to the ear. But put it on mute, and suddenly we were considering the merits of a foursome. “He’s objectively attractive,” my boyfriend agreed. I know multiple lesbians–women who do not have sex with men–who think the same thing. What gives?

Personally, I think it’s a combination of his chiseled good looks with his making every sartorial attempt to ruin them. Also, he seems like he’s sweet to Katy, and that eulogy of Amy Winehouse was pretty touching. As a bonus, it was all spelled right and not posted on Twitter, which makes me think he could be kind of smart. His English accent is occasionally hot. And the guyliner is just so bad it’s good.

Are my friends and I alone in finding this creature weirdly attractive? What say you?

Here are some photos to help you decide:

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