Over at TheFrisky, there’s an interesting article relating to the Weinergate scandal. Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the fact that someone named Weiner sends out dick pics. Now let’s move on. Frankly, I can’t see what the big deal is. Seems like a quirky fellow with a perfectly nice penis. Yes, it was bad, and dumb, but really, the fact that he sent some lady a picture of his johnson is best left between him and his wife to decide how to handle . And, while sending out those photos seems like a very stupid thing to do – and a thing that would be obviously hurtful to your partner if they found out – I’m still inclined to believe that there are certain risks that acompany actual infidelity that aren’t in play here. For instance:

– If he didn’t wear a condom, he could bring a disease back to his wife

– The woman he slept with could get pregnant

– The woman he slept with could show up at his house and boil his child’s bunny (I suppose that could happen with someone you were sending internet pictures to as well, but lets assume she doesn’t know his home address in many instances).

Fluid exchange. I guess that’s just a big thing for me. Actual physical contact changes things. But! I could be wrong. As always. What do you think?

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