According to Details, not having kids is the new black.

In an article in this month’s issue called “The No-Baby Boom,” writer Brian Frazer tells readers that suddenly, more people are choosing to go childless than ever before. Factual evidence to support this hypothesis includes:

The vasectomy business seems to be one of the few in America that is booming. In the past year, the Associates in Urology clinic in West Orange, New Jersey, has seen a 50 percent jump in the procedure.

Some might blame this particular phenomenon on the plethora of reality TV shows that detail what kind of humans eventually come out of New Jersey if well-meaning adults spawn there, but I hate to speculate. Besides, Frazer goes on to cite some statistics that are a little more representative of trends, like the Pew Center’s report that the number of women who don’t have kids by the end of their reproductive years is about twice what it was in the 1970s.

What to make of this? Well, we could throw ideas around until the cows come home, but really I’m more interested in what you think (I’ve been going to a lot of therapy lately).

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