Recently, I wondered aloud about how pathetic my online dating profile would be, were I to set one up. And pathetic, indeed, it would be. But plenty of my single friends — nay, all of my single friends — who are actively looking for a partner are registered to one online dating site or another. And I should say, their profiles are all really cool.

But there seems to exist some stigma around the practice, which I don’t really see the reason for. Online dating seems efficient and handy, like all of a sudden you’ve taken the annoyance out of meeting people to date — people who you might not even like once you’ve gone out with them. Eliminate some of the work by inserting a middle man! I’m for it.

So let’s find out in real world terms how common the practice is, via you. Hopefully once people see that they’re not alone (although maybe they are…I guess a real cultural anthropologist wouldn’t jump to conclusions) we can move forward with ridding the world of one more unnecessary misconception.

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