Sometimes I think that people take this whole “green movement” thing so far that it gets a little kitschy. But Sir Richard’s Condoms are trying to prove me wrong by fulfilling their reputation as the “most ethical” condoms in the whole wide world.

Not only are Sir Richard’s Condoms cruelty-free, latex-free and seriously adorable, every time you purchase a Sir Richard’s condom, one is donated to a country in need such as Haiti, Uganda and Thailand. The eco-friendly, philanthropic, TOMS Shoes-esque company’s motto is that you shouldn’t be embarrassed to buy condoms; “doing good” should feel good. And you should also look cute while doing it. I don’t know why, but I can’t get over the really great plaid patterns of their wrappers. Sir Richard’s is trying to do everything at once: promote safe and fashionable sex in both the U.S. and developing countries. Over-achievers.

Now that the condoms are available in the U.S. at Fred Segal, Paul Smith, Whole Foods, Viceroy Hotels and the Sir Richard’s website, would you buy them?

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