First of all, I’m pleased that I’ve had the opportunity to bleep out words in the headlines of two posts in as many days.

In other news, sometimes, when we break up with people, after some time has gone by we think we might want them back. We waffle, we wonder if they would have us, we wonder if they’ve changed since we split up for the better, for the worse or not at all.

But let’s just say that you were considering getting back together with your ex, and you drove over to their house and when you arrived, you saw them — saw them — fucking someone else on the hood of their car.

I hate to say it, but sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

What would you do? Would that make you want them back overwhelmingly, because it solidified how much you can’t stand for them to be with someone else? Or would it make you do a massive doughnut in the road, scream and curse the heavens that you were ever involved with such a horrible fuckwad, and never, ever want to see them again?

Just curious…

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