I’m not going to lie – I’m a little bit sad I never followed Anthony Weiner on Facebook! Or any social media platform! If I’d known that following equaled dick pics, I probably would have made different life choices. But I didn’t know he was that easy!  I’m not saying I would really like to recreate any of the conversations between Anthony and his lady friend. I would find those conversations very odd, though I guess the bullet points are 1) I’m watching The Daily Show 2) I’m drunk. But I had no idea that if I just did something as simple as following this public figure on twitter they would send me pictures of their crotch. That’s exciting. That’s why I’m now just relentlessly telling Werner Herzog how much I fucking love The Colbert Report on twitter. Every day. Love me, Werner. Just love me. I’m drunk and watching The Colbert Report RIGHT NOW.

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