I would say it was around the 4th time I re-watched the sex scene out of The Borgias premiere that I realized “hey! Jeremy Irons is old!” (According to Wikipedia, he is 63). And on the seventh time re-watching the scene I realized, “Oh. That makes this kind of weird.”

Now, to be fair, I think there were extenuating circumstances, namely, the Borgias were the hottest family ever. You know how some quintessential American families have a thing they’re known for, like the Kennedys and politics, or the Trumps and real estate? The Borgias had a thing, and that thing was “depravity and orgies.” But this is not about how you should be watching The Borgias. This is about 1) whether Jeremy Irons can still be considered hot and 2) whether his son, Max, can take on the hotness role previously occupied by Jeremy Irons. In the spirit of the Borgias, I’m trying to keep it in the family.

So: here is a picture of Jeremy Irons in his youth:

Here is a picture of Jeremy Irons now:

Here is a picture of Max Irons, who, regrettably, has not played Charles Ryder, but was in… Red Riding Hood. Well. In spite of that, here is a picture:

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