megan mad men finale

Should you, Megan Calvet?

Look, I think there are probably two schools of thought on this.

1) You should use whatever means or people are at your disposal as you scramble like a desperate monkey to the top of that banana tree we call “your dream.” Be top monkey. Get the top banana. If you have to step on the top of the man in the yellow hat’s shoulders to get there, you do that, because unlike most people you have seen what you want. Jesus Christ, use your husband? You’d shoot someone in the face if you needed to! With your little monkey paws! Scarlett O’Hara did and all anyone ever says about her is that she’s a “survivor.” Being a survivor means being a millionaire in a house filled with tacky stuff. So, yes, yes, you’d use your husband, for you will be the monkey queen. All the banana dreams will be yours, everyone else be damned.

2) No.

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