meghan betty draper

Since all we talk about around here is whether we hate Betty Draper or Meghan Draper more, and no agreement has been reached, we’re going to need your input on this.

Look, there’s a lot that can be said against Betty Draper – she’s cold, she’s a terrible mother, she’s willing to leave Don the minute she finds out that “he’s not a football player who hates his dad.” Personally, I have great affection for Betty Draper, insofar as there is a moment when she and Don are in Italy, and she is flirting in perfect Italian, and you realize “in a different era, this is someone who could have been happy.” But, okay, fine, everything everyone else said.

And Meghan is great with kids and hardworking and cleans the house in her underwear.

But, come on. Zou Bisou Bisou. Look at this lunacy. JUST LOOK. And then please vote.


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