The last scene from Pretty in Pink where love conquers all!

First of all, you’d have to believe that people can be “beneath” other people–that some are actually better than others. If you don’t feel this way and/or never have, then watch Pretty in Pink and you can get in the mindset for this poll. If you don’t own Pretty in Pink, then watch Breakfast Club where Molly Ringwald plays a character who’s actually on the “right” side of the tracks. Actually, a lot of movies, books and songs have this as a theme, so whatever your choice!

After watching Pretty in Pink, then having a heated debate with a friend about whether or not a mutual friend of ours is marrying “up,” the whole idea of being with someone who is “out of your league” or “from the wrong side of the tracks,” has been on my brain. I realize for many the mere thought that someone might be better than anyone is repulsive and degrading, but for some people it’s still very much present in their consciousness. Families still cut kids out of the family will for impregnating the girl who works at the local bodega, and even I once called it quits with someone who had only read one book in his entire life. I’m not suggesting I was better than him per se, but I am saying that our goals and interests were never going to be on the same page. He couldn’t spell, like, at all. In fact, I’ll be covering him in a Dating Hijinks soon.

One would think the phrase “marrying up” would’ve have gone out the window in the 1970s with feminism, equality and all that stuff that should make a woman or man care less about their impending status in a marriage and more about love, but some people like to continue to live as though they’re in a Jane Austen novel, and that’s fine for them. Have I mentioned that I despise Jane Austen? Said the girl who dumped a guy who’d only read one book…


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