According to a recent survey performed by our pals at Cosmopolitan, 20% of Cosmo readers would rather give up sex for a week than go without Facebook for a week, and about half of them would give up sex for their cell phones. I can see a cell phone being important if you need it to not get fired from your job, but Facebook? Really?? Since when did hate-reading your high school acquaintances’ updates about their stupid babies and stalking various people of interest become more pleasurable than “getting busy with your guy”?

On second thought, when Cosmo calls sex “getting busy with your guy” it makes me not much want to do it, either. Anyway, I realize this is kind of a dumb question because unless your partner is some kind of anti-Facebook zealot who insists on holding out on you until you deactivate your account, you’re probably never going to have to choose between “the ‘book” and sex, and in many cases the former may actually facilitate the latter. I also realize that there are probably a lot of people who are not currently having much sex, making the choice pretty easy for them. Regardless! Readers, what say you? Would you give up sexytimes to stay updated on what hurricane-related quips your friends have come up with since thirty seconds ago? Or do you just want to freak, all day and all night? (If you’re not having much sex right now, pretend that you are.)

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