In the New York Times Vows section yesterday, a story ran about a couple who met in a mental institution. He was there for depression brought on by a divorce, the break-up of his family and being blinded in one eye by a paintball accident; she, for anxiety brought on by unspecified events.

Both parties are 47, and it’s said that they developed a bond as they overcame their issues together.

Now, I’ll be the one to say it — it seems like that could be treacherous ground upon which to build a relationship. It’s probably one of the most difficult times in your life, you’re lonely and searching for a bond, and you might be inclined to grab onto the first person who comes along.

But alternately, it could be the most beautiful time to forge a relationship. You’re both at your worst, and you help each other through, thereby connecting on a deeper level than you might ever have otherwise.

It’s times like this that I turn to you, dear readers, for answers. Please vote:

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Styleite via NYT