Are you struggling to find the perfect Valentine’s Day card for your loved one? The Hallmark selection can be pretty slim when it comes to all those in between relationships, and it can be nearly impossible to find the right words to say. If you’re stuck, you should really consider letting some pop culture and fashion icons say it for you.


Rihanna has all the words if you’ve been stalking someone on Instagram.


If you’re stuck settling for someone who does’t meet your standards.

beyonce-valentineSometimes you don’t even have to know what you’re saying–you just have to say the words. Let Beyoncé help.


There’s lots of ways to share intimacy and fill needs. Justin Bieber has you covered.


Self love is important, too. Kanye West gets it.


Kim Kardashian understands that sometimes you want to record things for posterity.


Lorde will help you find your special someone.


If you have hardcore face mashing in mind, may I suggest this Miley Cyrus card?


Nothing says Valentine’s Day love quite like the threat of Taylor Swift‘s retribution.

katy-perry-valentineSometimes you wish and wish and wish for something, and then a different gift comes along instead. Katy Perry has your back for when you’re searching for something to tell your surprise love.

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