Prince Harry, otherwise known (in some cruel circles) as the prince with a full head of hair, is a single man once again. Reliable sources report that Harry has split from Florence Brudenell-Bruce, a lingerie model that he’s been dating all summer.

Harry’s relationship with Brundell-Bruce came on the heels of his break-up with Chelsey Davy, who, you may recall, we love. But while we might have reconciliation on the brain, it doesn’t look like Harry is planning to get back together with anyone. A no-doubt trustworthy “insider” told the UK’s Daily Mirror that:

“Harry has a lot on his mind at the moment. He is concentrating on his Apache helicopter training. After that, he’s expecting to return to Afghanistan…Harry enjoyed spending time with friends over the summer, but he doesn’t want to be tied down in a relationship when training.”

Time with friends, huh? Ouch.

In other news, Prince Harry is a smokeshow.

In even other news, the Brits definitely have a different way with nicknames than we do. They apparently called Florence “Flee.”