Do you find yourself pining over the Prince that is Harry? Are you interested in riding his royal train all the way into the station? In Occupying his Kingdom?

Well, you have some competition. The internet is abuzz today with the news that he may have a new girlfriend: one Mollie King, who no one America knows but who is apparently very famous in England for being a member of the Spice Girls part two a girl group called The Saturdays.

So, let’s just say it, shall we? A famous is never going to become a royal. It would be too weird, too undignified. No one who once appeared a music video is going to make it past Buckingham Palace PR. It would be a nightmare! That’s the reason that Kate Middleton works so well — no one really knew her when she came on the scene, and they certainly didn’t know what she looks like in a pair of hot pants.

Anyway, my point is that if you did want to lick the royal lollipop, your chances are far from over. May the odds be ever in your favor.