In case you weren’t aware, we did a lot of royal wedding coverage this week.

Over the week we’ve gotten input from toddlers on why they want to be princesses. We’ve debated the merits of chocolate biscuits and the merits of two princes. We’ve also checked out hot single princes and carefully considered the all time best princes. And along the way we’ve heard what really goes on at a royal wedding party, and that men have somewhat offensive opinions about Kate Middleton. We’ve made catty assumption about Will and Kate’s exes – who we hardly knew about – and we’ve evaluated all the royal wedding fashion. Sometimes from multiple angles.

God, we can’t wait for Monday. We’re princessed out.

 But it’s been a magical, fairy tale week, and we hope that as we go forward, we’ll remember the romance of it all. And we also hope that we can finally get the waxy coating of these chocolate digestives off the roof of our mouths. The second sounds more challenging than the first.