So, this gives me the douchechills. An Internet person known as “The Fat Jew” has just posted the first episode of a video series entitled “Hookers Do Non-Sexual Stuff,” the joke being that he’s had sex with so many women that he needs increasingly weird things in order to get off, I guess. (Also: it’s funny to make sex workers do ridiculous things because they need the money. LOL!) In the inaugural episode, he asks two prostitutes to act out a scene from Braveheart with him and his friend (the men play the horses), which they eventually agree to do because he offers them their full rate and promises they won’t have to have sex with him.

By the end, it looks like the women are having fun with it, and the one playing Mel Gibson‘s character really nails the lines. But it still sits very wrong with me. Mainly, it’s incredibly uncool that they’re being filmed without their consent; the camera guy is hiding in the closet the whole time. This could cause all sorts of serious issues for them, from endangering their day jobs (lots of sex workers have more than one job) to their family lives to their physical safety.

Plus, this is not what they signed up for. While it would be okay to do this with women who’ve agreed to be filmed engaging in this kind of activity, to spring it on them when they’ve already paid a driver, devoted travel time to it, and (possibly) gone through an agency (which will not be happy if they refuse a job) seems too much like playing a mean joke on someone who does not in any way deserve it. Sex workers have the right to know what they’re getting into beforehand, whether it’s anal or…acting out a scene from a movie.

In conclusion: Fat Jew, you are totally allowed to have your weird fun with consenting, adult sex workers. But stop springing your requests on unsuspecting women, and definitely, please, for the love of God, stop filming them without their consent. Then, and only then, will I be able to enjoy your twisted hijinks.

(Via Uproxx)