Over at howaboutwe.com, writer Scott Alden has a piece up about how to keep date conversation interesting. He cites a recent study conducted by psychologist Dan Ariely, which found that when communicating on dating websites, most people are boring as fuck because they’re afraid to ask provocative questions.

This stands to reason, since most folks tend towards the safe and conventional in their public lives.

But to remedy the problem, Ariely made a curious suggestion — he recommended asking questions that aren’t just provocative, but are downright offensive, such as: how many people have you slept with?

In response, Alden accurately points out that one needn’t be a douche in order to be interesting. We here at The Gloss salute that notion, and so, in our never-ending quest to rid the world of ‘bags, here are some questions you shouldn’t ask on a first date:



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