Brazil: a land seemingly full of beautiful supermodels, beaches for hot people to lay on and 12-year-old girls with really, really long hair. Oh, and also virginity auctions! Remember that young woman named Catarina Migliorini whose offer to lose her virginity to the highest bidder caused a media (and money) frenzy? Well, apparently that wasn’t odd enough. Out: Real woman’s virginity being auctioned. In: Real Doll’s virginity being auctioned.

Enter Valentina (NSFW), Brazil’s first locally manufactured Real Doll. Sexônico, the company behind Valentina’s creation, has decided to auction off the doll’s ‘virginity’ (i.e. being the first ever person who gets to use her). Strange as this sounds — actually, strange as this definitely is — there have apparently been lots of individuals who are super into the idea, as the current bid is over $100,000.

To be fair, they could just be bidding on the rest of the package:

The winner of the auction will also receive all-expenses-paid travel to and from São Paulo, a free night’s stay in the Presidential Suite of a fancy hotel, and a complimentary candlelight dinner with French Champagne to share with Valentina.

Maybe they’ve always wanted to go to São Paolo but never could find a good reason. Vacations? Boring. Having sex with a country’s first ultra-lifelike sex doll? And there’s French Champaaaagne?


Now, I am slightly confused as to why somebody would bid quite a bit of money — let alone a hundred thousand dollars — for the chance to sleep with a Real Doll when they could just, I don’t know, buy one of their own? Real Dolls are famously customizable, allowing customers to create exactly the type of ideal inanimate female or male partner that their heart desires.

But it is their money and they can do whatever they wish with it, and by golly, if “whatever they wish” includes some lingerie and a very well-designed fake lady, then that’s their right. Plus, just look how incredibly charming she is!

[via Gawker]

Photos: Sexonico