Earlier this month, Michele Bachmann tried to equate Gardasil–the suddenly controversial HPV vaccine–with “mental retardation.” It’s 1) deeply irresponsible that Bachmann would say something like that on national television without a shred of evidence and 2) jaw-dropping that she said “mental retardation” with a straight face. For better or worse, Bachmann’s stupid bullshit has inspired more than a few debates about the supposed ethics behind giving young girls Gardasil–is it a preventive measure that will save lives or just another way of tacitly condoning teen sex*? God forbid kids know how to use condoms and are less likely to get cervical cancer.

Anyway, in the shadow of this towering straw man, we asked some ladies if they’ve had Gardasil and how they feel about the subject. The women asked have varying political opinions,  but I can say with supreme confidence that they all know more about Gardasil than Michele Bachmann.

As for the images in the slides, we have used photos of libraries and books, because that’s where the liberal media machine likes to conceal sensitive information.