Last week, Marie Claire taught me yet another thing that I as a female need to dread: my hypothetical fiance (otherwise totally marriage material) might get goaded into sleeping with a prostitute at his bachelor party. Which is a total bum-out (and so we asked women if they, too, were bummed out by this). Anyway, I started wondering, why aren’t there any titillating exposes of women sleeping with male sex workers at bachelorette parties? Moments later, I realized the answer.

But! It was still worth asking a bunch of ladies if they’d ever hire a gigolo. Answers ranged mostly from “No!” to “No and here’s why” but they all greed that yes, every living one of us would gladly pay to have sex with Richard Gere in American Gigolo.

All responses are accompanied by examples of the notorious stock character, the Hooker with a Heart of Gold.