reasons to dump a dudeA woman in China, after years of sleepless nights, has filed for divorce. Not only did she cite that snoring has been keeping her awake since they first married, but that his nighttime noise has also made her sick and is the reason she has lost a “significant amount of weight.”

I’m not sure how snoring can contribute to weight loss, but I totally support whatever it takes to get a good night’s sleep. Mess with my sleep, you mess with you.

This, naturally, isn’t the first time that someone has wanted to divorce over something so, well, interesting.

In 2008, a woman in Russia dumped her husband after his prosthetic penis “broke off during a wild sex session,” and speaking of dicks, a woman in Taiwan divorced her husband over his teeny weeny. I mean, it was only 5 centimeters (two inches.)

So, if these ladies are divorcing their fellas over penis failures and snoring, what else, if we’re to use this as a standard, are “acceptable” reasons to dump someone?

Photo: ICanHasCheezburger