Natalie Portman - Closer - Revenge For Cheating

When you have had your heart broken by way of an infidelious partner, it is extremely difficult to come to terms with what to do next. Sometimes, revenge for cheating is the only way many people are able to feel as though the issue has been resolved.

One woman in Brazil made headlines this week for taking a hammer to her husband’s car. Why? He reportedly cheated on her, and she did not respond well to the news. While being cheered on and whistled at by onlookers to the tirade, she smashed across his entire windshield.

Being vindictive has been the subject of numerous films, some good and some not so good. One thing is clear: it’s difficult to be sympathetic towards cheaters, so we don’t mind seeing them get “what’s coming,” whatever that means, onscreen. But real-life revenge isn’t typically life the movies. It’s much sadder and more complicated than that, yet it can be so very appealing as a means of coming to terms with what you’re feeling.

Revenge is not mature, so they say. It is not polite, nor productive; hopefully you don’t take that as my point here. I’m neither encouraging nor condoning it — especially when it comes to violence (don’t even hit somebody, pwease). But lividly blogging about your ex can make you feel somewhat better, even if it doesn’t actually change much. When it comes to truly damaging acts like posting naked photos online, it’s best to just think thoughts of revenge, not actually act on them. Oddly enough, I still have several of my exes’, um, “risque” pictures somewhere on this ol’ hard drive, but would never, ever do anything with them

Now, in the event that you’ve been cheated on and you do not want to use a hammer on your ex’s car, perhaps I should point you in this direction wherein you may find some assistance in figuring out what to do next. Steps like “grieve” and “make a choice”? Those are more rationally sound, safe ways to go about getting past a philandering ex.

I have been cheated on. It is not a good feeling. In fact, it is one of the worst feelings I can remember. That said, I’m quite glad I did not do (much) to avenge my displeasure, although I have most certainly pulled at least one the options below. I have also, unfortunately, been the perpetrator and received some unpleasantries as a result. Either way, cheating tends to result in some not-so-excellent results 99% of the time.

So, if you do have a “revenge” story that differs (or accompanies) the several examples I have provided, you should totally share them in the comments below. Bitch and sing, folks.

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