Yesterday, unrepentant dead lady trasher Rielle Hunter went on The View ostensibly to promote her book What Really Happened, but more realistically to stand in front of a verbal firing squad made up of people saner, smarter and more ethical than herself. (I’m including Elisabeth Hasselbeck in there, so you know I mean business.) The nice people at Buzzfeed made a video compilation of the interrogation’s best moments, which I hope you’ll enjoy as much as I have.

Choice nuggets include Rielle insisting “I’m not a mistress, I’m a mom” (Hasselbeck gently points out that it’s possible to be both), and “I’m not a big believer in infidelity.” (O RLY?) It’s also funny when she denies that going up to John Edwards in a hotel bar and telling him “you’re so hot” was a sexual come-on of any kind. She was just stating facts, guys! Barbara Walters confronts her over the part of her book Rielle was probably hoping she’d skip over (wherein she accuses Barbara of “screaming at” and “bullying” her for backing out of an interview), and everything Whoopi Goldberg says is pretty golden. (See lede quote.)

Let me make myself clear: I’m not down on Rielle Hunter because she slept with a married man. I’m down on her because she seems to have learned absolutely nothing from it, besides “sleeping with a famous married man can get me on television.” I understand better than most the precise kinds of crazy that take hold of an Other Woman’s brain while she’s deep in the intellectual black hole of other woman-ing (from which no logic can escape), and despite the affair being over, she clearly has yet to move past the “demonizing the guy’s pre-existing partner” phase. “She made him cheat! He had no choice! SHE WAS WEARING A LONG SKIRT, ERGO SHE WAS ASKING FOR IT AND BTW, IS NOT EVEN A PERSON, ETC.” For the sake of the late Elizabeth Edwards‘ kids, as well as Rielle’s own daughter (who is their half-sibling), I hope she pulls her head out of her ass soon.

(Via Buzzfeed)