Is it okay to still hate the fact that Rihanna and Chris Brown are together? And at the Grammys? I know she is an adult. I know that we cannot know what goes on between two people when they are in the privacy of their own homes. I know that sometimes people DO have the capacity to change for the better, and that growing older is a huge part of that, for many people.

But I will never not hate this:

The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Backstage And Audience

Though I realize I may be in the minority on this, as some comments beneath these pictures run:

The Love of my life

man.. when Chris Brown cleans up he looks adorable!!

Cute picture

Awwww dont they look happy

UGH NO. NO, NO, NO, IT IS NOT OKAY TO GET HIT UNTIL YOU GO TO THE HOSPITAL. If someone does that to you, that is a really important thing to remember, before you start cuddling with them.

If you need a moment of comfort here, look to the skeptical man in the right corner. We are with him. Also, the older woman behind them is really giving this the side-eye. Okay. I feel a little bit better now.

Picture via Getty