Bad news: that beautiful, wonderful, largely internet-free time of the holiday break is over and we’ve been shaken from our red wine and champagne haze, returned to work, and returned to giving some kind of regrettable shit about people like Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Everyone involved would rather it not be the case, but this is the way the world is.

The latest development in the cynically orchestrated behind-the-scenes Twilight saga has Robert Pattinson spotted out wearing girlfriend (?) Kristen Stewart’s jacket. The Daily Mail knows the jacket belongs to Stewart because it’s “rather feminine” (oh, D Mail). That’s not it up there, but the overall appearance is pretty close.

Anyway, apparently a satiny finish and a floral lining means Pattinson is wearing his girlfriend’s clothes–he’s already been completely emmasculated by her public cheating and now this!–and this whole thing will probably turn him gay (or, at least, these are the Daily Mail posts we anticipate).

Strengthening their case, however, is the fact that Stewart frequently ventures out wearing Pattinson’s clothes. Which, in the event they are a couple, makes them that couple. Everyone knows that couple, right? They disappear for days on end, only to emerge from their apartments or dorm rooms looking bedraggled, wearing the other’s sweaters?

In our experience, people tend to fall on one of two sides when it comes to this behavior: vague disgust with peoples’ gradual descent into each other, or self-righteous anger because they’re wearing the other’s sweater currently. So, which one are you: do you wear your SO’s clothes?

(Photo via Wenn)