Earlier today, Glamour UK had a “Twitter takeover” with Robert Pattinson in which he responded to questions from fans. This was one such query and answer:

Of course, this stirred up questions about whether or not Pattinson believes Kristen Stewart is his soulmate. Who knows if that’s true, given the fact that none of us have any real idea what they’re relationship is like other than speculating that it’s probably extremely stressful. I get freaked out when I think housemates can hear my sex life through the walls; I’m pretty sure photographers following us around and constantly asking too many questions would be enough to get even me to swear off dating.

Now, while I’m assuming that for this particular reader, his response confirmed her (or his) belief that they are meant to be together forever–just as she had suspected all along–it also got me thinking about the notion of soulmates.

Soulmates are one of those bizarre concepts like “love at first sight.” Dammit, how can you be in love with somebody at first sight? He or she could be a serial killer, an abuser or a frequent evader of taxes! Or could simply have a personality that clashes horribly with yours, isn’t good it bed and/or doesn’t even feel attraction to people of your gender. These are all things you have no idea about when you first see somebody. And when it comes to soulmates, you have no idea how much somebody will change over time and whether or not your circumstances in the future will affect your relationship, so calling somebody your soulmate is a really difficult thing to be accurate about. Then again, there are some people that just seem to fit and will forever, goddammit, so perhaps this concept is possible.

A brief note about myself: I am a “relationship person”–which in my case is interchangeable with the title of “really insecure person”–and have almost invariably been in relationships at all times for the last 8 years. I am 23. This is not great, so chances are you should probably ignore all philosophy I spew (but I’ll spew it anyway, I think). While I’m pretty pessimistic about most facets of the dating world, I do believe that there are some people whose happiness is mutually dependent with your own. Whether or not you’re together isn’t important; you just want them to be happy, they want the same, and if you wind up a pair, that’s fantastic. I say this as somebody who will soon celebrate her 7th anniversary with somebody whom she hasn’t dated since 2009 because we’re weird (seriously, you really should ignore all my advice, ever).

Anyway, my dear Glossers–do you believe in soulmates? Considering two-thirds of Americans do, you wouldn’t be alone in your faith. Considering how much pressure we face throughout our lives–particularly as women–to date, fall in love and live out some relationship fairytale, it’s not really a huge surprise that so many people believe in soulmates. But being “soulmates” doesn’t mean that love doesn’t require a whole lot of respect, determination and communication just because you’re “supposed” to be together, and I think that that’s why the term gets a bit of a naive reputation.

Is there somebody for everybody? Maybe, but I like to think there are actually a bunch of people who might fit, and sometimes you just get lucky enough to spot one and make things work. And I’m definitely curious about what the rest of you think on this somewhat silly (but nonetheless emotional) topic.

Photo via Twitter.