No, really guess! What are you guessing? $49.99. That was my guess. Because roses can be a little bit pricey, are a “special occasion” kind of flower.

Oh, but I was wrong.

The answer is $999. Because it’s a Steuben vase. Now, if you send this to someone they almost certainly are not going to know that the vase is Steuben. They’ll just think it’s a glass vase. They’ll really focus on the flowers, as everyone does when you send them flowers as opposed to sending them “vase”. So when they call you to thank you, you’re going to have to shout it into the phone “did you see it’s Steuben? It’s Steuben. Steuben. Steuben.” The person you sent it to might not even know what “Steuben” means, they might think that you are bizarrely trying to name the flowers. And have them treat it like some sort of bizarre pet. That’s going to be such a weird phone call for all of you.