Note the incredulity.

Earlier this week, Jamie mentioned that nonthreatening porn star James Deen was in the running for the plum role of Christian Grey in the movie adaptation of the impressively awful novel Fifty Shades of Grey. But, amid a chorus of lusty Notebook gifs, EL James‘ husband has let slip that internet dreamboat Ryan Gosling may have the top spot:

Niall Leonard says that ‘last he heard’ Ryan, 31, was in the frame to play the manipulative billionaire – but denies that the character is based on himself. ‘I’m glad I’m not him because he’s actually damaged,’ says Niall. ‘I wouldn’t have liked to go through what he went through.’

While it’s good to know that the damaged asshole from the BDSM wish fulfillment his wife wrote isn’t based on him, we still think Gosling’s a long way off from playing Christian Grey. Gosling or any other actor who seems to mind his credibility.

(Now via The Stir; photo via Wenn)