Ryan Gosling Clapping(via Tumblr)

If you need another reason to crush on Ryan Gosling because a young Ryan dancing in MC Hammer pants wasn’t enough for you, here it is. Ryan was busy promoting his directional debut, Lost River, at the SXSW Festival. During a Q&A session, a female fan asked if she could propose to her girlfriend and Ryan gladly helped out.

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What seemed like a regular Q&A session for Ryan and the rest of the crew, including his partner Eva Mendes, turned into a romantic moment. They decided there would be one or two more questions in the discussion. A female fan says, “I think your film was amazing but I’m going to take away from it a second if I can and ask my girlfriend of 11 years if she’ll marry me?” The crowd erupts in excitement and Ryan declares, “We got a marriage proposal!” The camera pans to the couple but Ryan says, “Hold on, do you want the mic?” Then he passes it over. Check out the awesome moment below: (The proposal happens around the 11:30 mark in the video.)


Ryan then decides that is the best moment to wrap up the Q&A and congratulates the newly-engaged couple. You couldn’t get a better ending to the session than that. Hopefully Ryan will make an appearance at the wedding, or at least the official engagement party. Congrats to the happy couple!