A few days ago, we asked you if Ryan Lochte’s shameless admission that he pees in the pool signaled the end of our infatuation with the Olympic swimmer. And I’ll be honest with you, I haven’t thought about Lochte at all since then. Not even once. Not even while masturbating.

But now, Lochte is back on my mind, and it’s because he managed to swoop in and, in less than a week, make a video with Funny or Die poking fun of himself for saying that he pees in the pool, which is essentially the best way ever to acknowledge that you said something stupid without actually apologizing for it or clarifying it in any way.

In the video, Lochte explains that he actually pees exclusively in the pool.

“That’s the only time I allow myself to pee.” he said. “Yes; I can only pee in the pool.”

[funnyordie video=”bbf2c287fe”]