A new movie trailer has been released into the world, for the horribly-titled Sarah Jessica Parker vehicle, “I Don’t Know How She Does It.”

Yes. That’s what it’s called. Take a second to get out that uncomfortable phrase out of your system, and then let’s talk.

You good?


At HuffPo, the movie is described as essentially the next iteration of the “Sex and the City franchise,” only Parker has two kids and is married to Greg Kinnear. Also, notably, she has no gaggle of besties constantly surrounding her.

And indeed, in the trailer Parker does seem to be playing Carrie Bradshaw all over again. Which is fine — I love Carrie Bradshaw. I’ll watch her all day. That said, what I find myself appreciating about watching a Bradshaw re-enactment under this new plotline is that her life more accurately reflects partnered/married life, in that it no longer revolves around her three best friends.

It’s not because I hate those adorable three muskateers, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte, or because I hate friendship. It’s because the four of them being around each other so much was becoming totally unrealistic.

“Sex and the City” worked when it aired because it was the first time most single women saw their own lives on TV, complete with their family of friends. But when your friends start partnering off and getting married or making long-term commitments, things change. It’s just a kind of an exciting-but-sad part of life. Your friends stop being your family, because you’re committing to starting a family with someone else. The way we once turned to each other for support, we now turn to our partners. And the way our lives once revolved around our friends and their dramas, it now revolves around our S.O.’s, their families, their dramas, our families, our family’s dramas…and so on. And that can keep a person pretty busy.

It doesn’t mean that we don’t still have our female friends, and that we don’t keep loving the shit out of them. It just means that the role we play in each others’ lives changes. It might mean we see each other less, or talk on the phone instead of going out for drinks every night; it might mean that we play more catch-up when we do get together. But I think that “Sex and the City” inadvertently made the same point when, in order to construct a plot that would allow for the four SATC characters to spend an entire week together like old times, they had to send them all the way to Abu Dhabi.

On that uplifting note, I give you the trailer for the movie.

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